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A collection of environmental tips

Personal Goals - 2023

Graphs and their usage in causality

Getting started with git for science research

Getting started with Computational Research with Python (for researchers, or generally)

Personal Goals - 2022

Writing an Academic Journal Paper

Principle Component Analysis (PCA; Proper Orthogonal Decomposition)

Personal Goals - 2021

Real Analysis (Lebesgue Integration, Differentiation and Measure)

Personal Goals - 2020

Travel - Iceland

Linear Gaussian Models

Optimization: Convex, Nonlinear, Unconstrained and Constrained

Setting Up ERC Standard Tokens

Travel - Nice

Europe - Living and Traveling

Using The Virtual Brain (TVB) to Understand Algorithms

Travel - Dublin

Travel - Barcelona

Travel - Amsterdam

Travel - Berlin

Setting Up Singularity Containers

Personal Goals - 2019

Travel - Switzerland

Bitcoin's Problems and Possible Path To Solution - 2017

Personal Goals - 2018

Travel - London

Using FreeSurfer

Travel - Budapest

Travel - Lyon

Travel - Prague

Travel - Morocco

Travel - Munich

Simulating Epileptic iEEG Activity Using The Virtual Brain

Travel - Marseille

Doctoral Board Oral Exam (PhD)

Travel - Baltimore

Travel - Chicago

Travel - Los Angeles

Travel - Japan

Travel - Korea

Setting Up a Pelican Site

Setting Up a Virtual Environment for Python

Travel - Paris

Personal Goals - 2017

Personal Goals - 2016