Los Angeles, CA

General Suggestions

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1. Hollywood Sign / Wisdom Tree

Hollywood sign is a nice easy hike. There is plenty of parking in the nearby neighborhoods, where some will require you to pay a meter. If you hike the hollywood sign, you can also venture over to the tree.

Hiking the hollywood sign will probably be a 1-2 hour venture, but with the tree hike, it'll take an additional hour probably. Highly worth it! The tree hike is a bit tougher.

2. Santa Monica Pier / Venice Beach

Touristy beach with some carnival games, and street performers. There are some cool tide pools in the venice beach area.

3. Malibu Beach

A little bit more to the west of the city, but these are beaches, which are not as crowded as the touristy Venice beach. There are also surrounding beaches here that are nice, such as Zuma beach.

4. Pasadena

Great place to bar hop.


1. Urth Caffe

Great cafe for brunch, and/or lunch. If you watch Entourage, you know what this is.

2. Portos

Great snack place!

3. Korean BBQ (look on Yelp)

Literally any place w/ 4+ stars on yelp is good.


1. KTown

If you know someone who knows Korean, this area is great for going out!

2. Pasadena bars

Bar hopping! Don't need to drive around.

3. Perch

One of my favorite rooftop bars. Very classy place.

Getting Around

Uber/Lyft are incredibly cheap within this city. I would use this solely because the subway system is not that great and the bus system isn't ideal.

Images in Los Angeles

Here are some of my favorite photos, taken with my favorite camera: