Europe - Marseille, France

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1. Marseille Provence Airport

This is the main airport for Marseille and it is located about 30 minutes north of the city. For transportation, you really only have two options: taxi/uber, or taking the bus. The bus is actually very convenient and runs every ~15-20 minutes and goes to Aix en Provence and also Marseille St Charles Station.

If you are 25 y/o or younger, it only costs 6 euros, but for everyone else it is 8 euros.


1. Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde

A huge castle/basilisque that stands at the top of a hill overlooking Marseille. You can take the bus here, but I've only ever walked. It is an amazing sight to look over the city during sunset, or at night time. However, any other time is also great!

2. Les Calanques (Best Thing!)

A hiking trail and place to go to check out a sick view. This is highly recommended because all you need to do is take a bus to Luminy and then you can walk 30 minutes to an amazing vantage point!

There are multiple calanques in this area; the main ones total 9.

These are accessible by a boat that leaves from Vieux Port, Marseille, or the port of Cassis.

To get to the port of Cassis from Marseille, you have to take a train, or a bus. The train from Saint Charles will leave you about 2-3 km inland, so it is not ideal. However, there is a M8 bus that leaves from Castellane metro station that will get you directly to the port of Cassis. This bus is very infrequent and the time tables are not on Google maps. You need to google "How to get to Cassis from Marseille with M8 bus" to find the timetables that are most current. At the time that I went, I don't think the bus ran on Sundays.

To access the calanques via boat is easy. You just go to Vieux Port, or in Port Miou and buy a ticket for the next ferry ride. I highly recommend doing all 9 calanques to get the full experience. The sad thing is that there is no direct ferry from Port Miou to Vieux Port, or vice versa.

3. Cathedral La Major

This is just a very pretty looking cathedral that stands next to the water. It is a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

4. Vieux Port

A docking port that has a lot of tourists and boats. Nice place to walk around. Feel free to come here for trips to Les Calanques, or Chateau d'lf and Frioul Archipelago.

5. Musee des Civilisations d'Europe

A really cool looking museum. This actually lights up at night and just has a really cool architecture. It is also free on the first Sunday of every month!

6. Parc Longchamp

Cool park

7. Chateau d'lf

An island fortress and former prison

8. Frioul Archipelago

An island 8 km off the coast of Marseille.


Here, I briefly describe a couple of food places that are worth the HYPE. For locations, just use google, or yelp.

1. House of Raviolis

If you came to Marseille looking for French food, but you're tired of sandwiches and baguettes, look no further! As a Californian, I have to say this place is definitely above average in terms of chinese food. It's moderately priced and serves some great dumplings and egg noodles!

2. Le Maison Geney

3. Noodles Chop

If you're in the mood for some good pickme up Vietnamese food, come here! It's only open at lunchtime on weekdays, but it serves some very affordable Vietnamese sandwiches, noodles and soups.

4. Sur Le Pouce

Marseille is pretty close to Morocco and there are many immigrants here. So this place is a great bang for your $ because they serve you huge portions! It is great to try out some traditional Moroccan tangine and some meat skewers.

5. Tapas Rojas

6. Tako-san


Getting Around

The best way to get around each city would definitely be using the train/metro. If you are here for the weekend, or more, I would suggest getting the 10 ride pass. It is perfectly affordable, but if you're running late, you can easily get a taxi.

Other then that, feel free to walk in most areas in the south part of the city, or just call an uber!


  1. Q: How do I get around? A: Use uber, or the metro line.
  2. Q: Where should I stay? A: I would stay near Vieux Port, Joliette, or the southern part of the city.