Europe - Lyon, France

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1. Lyon Airport



1. Basilisque Notre Dame Foire:

Essentially another basilisque that is very beautiful and overlooks Lyon. It has an amazing view of the city. If you want nice lighting, I suggest coming in the middle to late afternoon.

It is located on Fourviere Hill. Note that Google maps shows a circular route to take up the hill, but there is a staircase at the bottom that goes straight up. You just have to find it :).

2. Vieux Lyon:

The historic area of the city that is pretty cool.

3. Le Mur Des Canuts:

This is a huge mural on the side of a building in the northern part of Lyon. It is incredibly picturesque and it's very fun to just try different poses to fit into the mural!

4. Musée Des Beaux-arts de Lyon:

This is the largest fine art museum after the Louvre in Paris. It is only 4 euros for a student, so it is highly recommended to go and check out some great art! There are some Monet pieces in here that are absolutely amazing.

5. Parc de La Tete d’Or:

This is a super cool looking park, known as the Golden Park.


Here, I briefly describe a couple of food places that are worth the HYPE. For locations, just use google, or yelp.

1. Slake:

This is a fantastic coffee cafe that serves some great breakfast foods, like quiche, sandwiches and cookies. Highly recommend as a start off to your day.

2. Yaafa:

This is essentially a vegetarian falafel shop that is extremely affordable and absolutely delicious. I highly recommend coming here if you're just sick and tired of French food.

3. Bollywood Tandoor:

This is an authentic Indian restaurant that also serves a buffet style portion. It's not bad and pretty affordable too!

4. Lyonnaise Cuisine:

If you're going to be in Lyon, then you absolutely have to try Lyonnaise cuisine once. Go on Tripadvisor and make a reservation for a heavily reviewed restaurant.


1. Wine Drinking On the Rhone:

Around the Rhone, there are walkways and bleacher type seats that you can just sit on and drink wine with your group. It is actually really beautiful, relaxing and affordable.

Getting Around

You can pretty much walk this entire city, but if you're feeling tired, Uber is plentiful!


  1. Q: How do I get around? A: Use uber, or the metro line.

  2. Q: Where should I stay? A: I would stay near the rivers Rhone and Saone towards the center of the city, else you'll spend an incredible amount of time walking/ubering.