Europe - Munich, Germany

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  1. Munich International Airport Getting to the city from the airport is extremely easy. Just check google maps and you can take a direct S (1, or 8) train into the city. You can easily buy a ticket before reaching the station (within the airport) because it will definitely be crowded if it's tourist season.


0. Dachau Concentration Camp (!)

One of the most important places to visit in Munich I think. You can google map and just take a short train ride over to this area. Then there is an easy to use bus, which you will need to use coins to buy a ticket.

1. Museum Brandhorst


2. St Peter's Church Tower / Marianplatz

This is the central location in old town and is a lively place with lots of small shops. It features a really old and pretty looking church. It is a short walk to Hofbrauhaus and Viktualienmarkt where you can get a lot of good street food.

3. Eisbachwelle

This is a local gem. This area is where surfers come for a man-made river that is just off the side of the road under a bridge. You can come here and spend some time looking at surfers go on some crazy waves.

4. Hofgarten

Pretty garden area close to the local government building.

5. Friedensengel (Angel of Peace)

Historic monument dedicated to peace. Made out of gold.

6. English Garden (Monopterus)

TBD (closed during winter)

7. BMW Museum

BMW is headquartered in Munich and this museum features all the history and culture behind BMW. Very cool place to check out and also next door features all their luxury and next-generation cars on sale.

8. Nymphenburg Palace

An old palace that is worth walking around and checking out. The local huge pond features a bunch of swans always swimming around.

10. Flaucher



Here, I briefly describe a couple of food places that are worth the HYPE. For locations, just use google, or yelp.

1. Pasta e Basta

Great pasta for a simple price

2. Steinhall 16

Great place for wiener-schnitzel and also currywurst!

3. Viktualienmarkt

Great area for street food and local shopping for spices if you want.

4. Haufbrohaus

A touristic beer hall that features 1 Liter beers and some traditional bavarian style food. It's a great place to go listen to live music, meet new people and get really really drunk. The beer is actually quite tasty!

5. Burrito Company

If you're craving Mexican food while in Europe, this is the place to go. With a student ID, you can get a really authentic cheap burrito meal.

6. Augustiner Braustuben

This is a less touristic beer hall, that features the local Augustiner beer. In my opinion it is a great beer and probably the best in Munich. Less crowded and boisterous then Haufbrohaus.


1. Oktoberfest

2. Christmas Markets

Pink Christmas Market


Christmas Market at the Chinese Tower

Getting Around

The best way to get around would be the S line and the U, which goes throughout the entire city. It is pay by an honor system.

Other then that, you can take an Uber or a taxi.