Europe - Prague, Czech Republic

General Suggestions

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1. Prague International Airport | Vaclave Havel Airport

It is highly recommended to get a taxi that for certain takes credit card. Most taxis will try to scam you and say their credit card machine stopped working. Ask before getting in!


1. Kafe Damu

There are 70 cent beers!

2. Prague Castle

If you like Prague Art and Architecture you will go into St. Vitus, and probably into St. Georges Basilica and to Golden Lane.

This is actually one of the most beautiful castles I've been to and has some really nice architecture. There are also a lot of museums around the area worth checking out.

i. Castle Gardens (not open in Winter)

3. National Gallery in Prague


4. Parizska Street and Old Town Square

Just a really old town area that is nice to walk through and appreciate the Czech architecture.

5. Piss Sculpture in New Town (English book store with Shakespeare)

This is just a really funny looking sculpture there. It also has a famous museum for the writer: Franz Kafka.

6. Krizik Fountain


7. Charles Bridge

This is the infamous Charles Bridge. A lot of tourists and people taking wedding photos.

Be sure to also check out their river tours to get another point of view of this famous and historical bridge.

8. Prague Clock Tower

Really pretty looking clock tower.



1. Globe Cafe

Great breakfast and lunch for american food. Has Wifi and a great place to study. Good colonel Panini and French onion soup

2. Bohemia Bagels

Nice bagels.


1. Kolkovna Celnice

Snchnitzel is great with cornflake bread.

2. Fried Cheese Stands (at end of Wenceclas towards National Museum):

Street food.

3. Sklep:

Authentic Czech food.

4. Nase Maso

This is literally the best meat place you will ever find. It features some local butcher that also cooks some meat meals for you on the spot. There is always a line and they serve a really great cheeseburger, bone marrow, steak tartare and sausages.


1. Ristorante Grosetto Marina – on a boat by the river, so good

Nice restaurant and decently priced for being right on the river!





1. Hemminway Bar – authentic absinthe

This is the coolest absinthe bar ever! It features loads of cool drinks that are hand made by the bartenders and has some really cool photos and history behind it.

2. Prague Beer Museum

More than 30 beers on tap and you can buy taste cups. Gets crowded on the weekends though, but beer lovers must go here. It's not actually a museum)

Must try beers:

  • Kout na Smunave
  • Staropramen (brewed in Prague)
  • Pilsner
  • Budweiser (the original)

Getting Around

1. Buses/Metro

There are essentially 30 min, 90 min and full day passes that can be bought anywhere from 1-4 euros, which is incredibly affordable for a weekend in Prague!

There are a lot of hidden pieces of art within the metro. You also get access to trams, which are great to go around the city center. The metro/tram and most buses only run until midnight.

2. Walking

In my opinion this city is very walkable with all the cool looking architecture and historical areas all around the city.


  1. Q: How do I get around? Public transportation is recommended for far places, and then walking is nice!