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  1. Zurich Airport From the airport, you can take the SBB train into the city, or directly to another city/town altogether.

  2. Geneva Airport From the airport, you can take the SBB train into the city, or directly to another city/town altogether.

  3. Bern Airport TBD


1. Lucerne (Luzern)

Lucerne is a great small town that can be a base for you to visit Mount Pilatus, and Mount Rigi. It is very nice and has a nice looking bridge called "Chapel Bridge" and a cool monument called the Injured Lion Statue.

2. Mount Pilatus

Making this climb to the top by cable car is really worth it. It will cost you about ~50 CF total round trip, but at the top there is a hotel for skiiers in the winter and also has a beautiful view of Lucerne and the surrounding area from the top.

There is a cool walking area that can take you inside the mountain peak for different vantage points.

3. Zurich

i. Rhine Falls (Neuhausen) Amazing waterfall area that is only a 30 minute train ride away.

ii. Uetilburg A very nice mountain hiking area that is only a 20 minute train ride out of the city. It features a nice overlook of Zurich and the surrounding areas.

iii. Fifa Museum This shows all the history behind the FIFA organization. Very cool place to check out for any soccer fans!

4. Geneva

i. CERN This is where the infamous Hadron Collider is! This is where the Higgs Boson was discovered, and where there is very important physics research going on everyday.


Here, I briefly describe a couple of food places that are worth the HYPE. For locations, just use google, or yelp. Just FYI, food in Switzerland is crazy expensive! They have such a high standard of living, I went out to eat a basic Chinese meal and it cost me $40...


1. Volkshaus

Nice night club with 3 different rooms for 3 different music types. Needs cash only.

2. Langstrasse Street

This is a street within Zurich that features many bars and clubs for all backgrounds.

Getting Around

The best way to get around would be the SBB trains and possibly uber. The trains go over the entire country, so this is extremely worth it!


  1. Q: Should I get a Swiss Travel Pass? This depends on where you are staying and how long you are staying in Switzerland! The minimum multi-day pass is 3 days, so this is definitely worth it if you say plan on going to 3 different mountains because it covers your fee for all the trains and also the cable cars up, which can get pretty expensive!