Travel - Berlin

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Summary: A summary of how to visit Berlin and get the most out of your trip.

Europe - Berlin, Germany

General Suggestions


1. Berlin Tegel Airport

Main intl airport.

2. Berlin Schonfield Airport

Main budget airport.


1. Bradenburg Gate, Berlin Dom, Reichstag

Area of national-style monuments.

2. Berlin Wall (or what’s left of it)

AP Euro History and AP US History yo.

3. East Berlin

4. Alexander Platz / Hackerscher Market

Cool looking plaza.

5. Potsdam Platz

Really cool looking plaza.


Here, I briefly describe a couple of food places that are worth the HYPE. For locations, just use google, or yelp.

1. Burgermeister

Burger able to compete with in n out.

2. Mustafas Gemuis Kebap

Top-3 kebap I’ve had before.

3. Curry61

Great place to get currywurst with fries.



Getting Around

You can definitely use the train in Berlin! They are a honor pay system; you can just buy a ticket at any station. Download the app: Fahrinfo!