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Summary: A walkthrough of my experience in Seoul.

Asia - Seoul, South Korea

General Suggestions


1. Namsan Tower

It’s where all the couples put their locks on a fence.

2. Gwanghwamun Palace and Gyeongbukgong Palace

If you’re into historical stuff, these are some old temples you can check out.

3. Bukchon Village

A small traditional village with cute boutiques and restaurants that you can walk around if you want to get away from the super modern shopping areas.

4. Cheonggyecheon Stream

The stream is all lit up at night so it’s very nice to stroll around there at night/

5. Namdaemun Market

Super cheap street market where you can get souvenirs, bags, clothes, etc. Kind of random but if you wear glasses they are also well known for having cheap glasses! I got a new pair of frames+lens for like $60 and they made it for me within an hour or so!!

6. Dragon Hill Spa

if you want to have the spa experience that you always see in kdramas, this is one of the largest spas in Korea (I think there are like 7 stories) and I remember they can speak Chinese/English so it wasn’t too hard to communicate. Also they sell fried chicken on one of the floors and its really good!!


Here, I briefly describe a couple of food places that are worth the HYPE. For locations, just use google, or yelp.


Getting Around

There are metro stations, but be wary of when they close. Uber is also (as of 2017) only Uberblack, so make sure to do some research and download the local Korean taxi app.