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Summary: A summary of how to visit Amsterdam and get the most out of your trip.

Europe - Amsterdam, Netherlands

General Suggestions

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1. Schipol Airport

This is a large international airport that has a train service to the Amsterdam Centraal station in the center of Amsterdam. It costs ~5 euros to buy a ticket, but the ticket booths only accept credit cards with a pin number, so you may need to go to the actual ticket office to buy yours.

Else it costs around 30 euros to uber from the center of Amsterdam.

I also recommend buying a metro pass here if you can for the length of your stay because it gives you access to all the buses and trams in the city (which are very frequent).

The airport is rather efficient, so I was able to get through security and check into a lounge always after arriving 1 hour early (assuming you don’t have bag check).


1. De Gooyer Windmill (and Brewery!)

This is an old windmill that was renovated to become a brewery at the bottom. Come here and take a photo of the picturesque windmill and have some great locally brewed beers!

The brewery is only open till 8PM though. There is also a great burrito (Burrito Anonymous) place across the street, which is great if you’re missing Mexican food.

2. Red Light District

Sex shows, prostitutes in windows, sex shops and a very red lit district.

3. Van Gogh Museum

You DEFINITELY have to book your tickets in advance. It is well worth it because you get 4 floors of Van Gogh as he progresses through his short life. He was only 27 when he began painting! Yet, he became one of the most famous artists in the world.

When I went, they also have other artists there who were an inspiration, or part of Van Gogh’s life. Great for impressionist/portrait lovers.

4. Rijksmuseum

When I went, you could still buy tickets at the office outside near the IAmsterdam sign, but a lot of people recommend buying online.

This is a great museum that houses some of the famous Dutch painters, most famously Rembrandt. He painted a lot of great portraits, with the most well-known being “The Nights Watch” (cue GoT fans).

5. Anne-Frank House

Worth visiting, and you HAVE TO buy tickets in advance. I think the worth behind this is self-explanatory.


Here, I briefly describe a couple of food places that are worth the HYPE. For locations, just use google, or yelp.

1. Indonesian Food (Cafe Kadijk)

Indonesian food is big in the Netherlands because they used to be a trading country. A lot of places can be overpriced though (even if they are good), but I found this place to be fairly priced and actually very great!

2. Seafood Bar (Spui)

A seafood market that has fresh seafood and amazing chefs. Extremely worth your money, but make sure you make a reservation by stopping by, or through their website! (

3. Stroopwafels

Perfect for dipping in your coffee and for buying as a gift for colleagues, friends and loved ones.


1. Rembrandt Square

A square with a bunch of cafes and bars around the entire square.

2. Shelter

A very famous house/techno club that will probably require you to buy tickets to get in, but it is a very cool Amsterdam experience. I also really like the music.

3. Jimmy Woos

This is an American style club that will probably play EDM/HipHop and is styled with an Asian theme. Pretty cool, and they also have a lot of bars around the area. There is a bar across the street from the entrance that has live music and cheap drinks for a 2 euro entrance fee!

Getting Around

You can definitely use the tram/bus system in Amsterdam! I recommend buying the multi-day passes.

Another option is completely walking the city (uhh), or renting a bike and getting around like the locals do.