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Summary: A summary of how to visit Budapest and get the most out of your trip.

Europe - Budapest, Hungary

General Suggestions

Sample Itinerary

Charles’ Optimized Itin.


1. Budapest International Airport

Note, that this city doesn’t have uber, so taxify or hailing a taxi is the way to go. The public transportation also works, but it requires some transfers, and honestly it’s worth the money and the time to just take a taxi. Use the taixify link to download the app prior!


1. Szechenyi Baths

This is a in & outdoor thermal spa, which is very picturesque and features a cool experience in varying bath temperatures. Totally worth coming no matter what time of year it is! Make sure you have enough money to either rent a towel (~$4), or bring your own.

2. River Danube Tour

This is similar to the Chicago architecture tour (which is awesome btw). However, I would highly recommend coming at nighttime. It gets a bit chilly, so if you have a blanket, bring that along in your backpack. Nighttime features the famous Hungarian Parliament building in all its golden glory. Make sure you get a good spot set up to take photos. In addition, most river tours give a free drink on board, so you can continue getting drinks and just get drunk while checking out the most beautiful night views in the world.

3. Matthias Church / Buda Castle / Fisherman’s Bastion

This area in the Buda side is just so picturesque, you have to come here. You have a terrific view of the entire Budapest city and the architecture is beautiful.

4. St. Stephen’s Basilisque

Just a really nice looking church in the center of the city on the pest side

5. Hungarian Parliament Building

Just cause you saw this on the river danube tour, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come see it again during the day!


1. KonyvBar & Restaurant

This is a book-themed restaurant that is totally worth booking a reservation for (else you probably can’t get in). When I went, it was Harry Potter themed and I ordered a “Crystal ball”. Fantastic meal and fantastic experience.

2. Gelato Rosa

Very nice looking gelato in the shape of flowers. Great for those instagram posts.


1. Ruin Bars:

These are the famous bars that are within the “ruins” of Budapest, which came about from the various bombings during the world wars. It’s really cool, but make sure you bring some cash to buy drinks!

2. Peaches & Cream

Just some night club that plays top 40.

Getting Around

You can pretty much walk this entire city, but if you’re feeling tired, taxify/taxis are an affordable option!


  1. Q: Where should I stay? A: I would recommend staying on the Pest side of Budapest because there is more night life and restaurants there. The buda side is a nice place to walk to for all the historical sites.