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Summary: A summary of how to visit Morocco and get the most out of your trip. gallery:{photo}morocco

Africa - Morocco

General Suggestions

Know your geography in Morocco. Since everything is easily accessible by train/night train, you can plan your trip by region and not spend too long in one city.


There are about 3 main airports that you can fly into from Europe and then get around to the rest of the country either by train, or by grand taxi.

1. Casablanca Airport (CMN)

This airport is located about an hour away from the city. You can grab an uber, or a taxi. However, I would look up prices ahead of time to make sure you can bargain a good deal into the city.

Another option might be to take the train into the city, which only runs once every hour and could be sketchier.

2. Marrakesh Menara Airport (RAK)

This airport is located well in the city and for locals it costs only about 30 MAD by bus, or 50 MAD by taxi.

When you are getting a taxi as a tourist, honestly try not to pay over 100 MAD because then you’re just getting ripped off.

3. Tangier Airport (TNG)




1. Hassan II Mosque

A big mosque that is next to the ocean. Not a bad place! Make sure you wear appropriate clothing.

2. Quartier Tabous

The main souk of Casablanca. It’s not that big compared to


Jemaa El Fna

The main souk / medina of Marrakech! This is where all the shops are that run for endless alleys. It is open all day and all night, so it is quite an experience to see the snake charmers during the day and all the shops come out in force at night when it cools down.

Please ignore any of the locals with monkeys chained up. They steal monkeys from their home and mistreat them for tourists to take photos with them. If you really want to see a monkey in it’s natural habitat, go to Ouzoud waterfalls!

Ouzoud Waterfall

This is a tremendous sight 3 hours drive away from Marrakesh. You can book excursions here through tripadvisor, or viator. I only paid about 40 euros per person.

There are wild monkeys here, Berber locals and an amazing waterfall. There are plenty of restaurants and local shops that you can buy souvenirs from.


I highly recommend asking your hotel/airbnb hosts about these things, or checking out tripadvisor. Morocco is not advanced like most US/EU cities, so you have to really explore and be comfortable trying new things.

1. Tangine

This is the main Moroccan food. It essentially consists of some couscous and slow cooked meat and vegetables. It’s great to try at least a few times!

2. Bazaar Cafe

Rue Sidi El Yamani 24 Bis - Marrakech

3. Roti D’or

If you’re sick and tired of eating tangine, then come here! This is a great kebab/falafel restaurant that is super cheap within the Jema El Fana in Marrakech.



Getting Around

The best way to get around each city would definitely be using the local taxi system, or Uber. You generally want to establish the price of the taxi before getting in. “Combien” is the French word for “how much”.

To get a taxi (and you don’t have the japanese app), you can always ask the restaurant/bar/store you are at to order a taxi. They are always perfectly happy to call the taxis for you using their app.


  1. Q: How do I get around? A: Probably taxi for within a city and trains/buses/grand taxis for across the country.